New Help for Hemicrania Continua


     “I've been doing a lot of reading about HC as my mother suffers from it for about 1 yr now, so many of these stories sound just like her !! She tried Indomethacin & it took the HA away which was a huge relief for about 8 months but could no longer tolerate it as the GI side effects were horrible even with taking omeprazole. Luckily we stumbled upon a link about a headache specialist in AZ, a Dr. Eric Eross, the link was about an all-natural alternative called GliacinTM a backup for Indomethacin! that was such awesome news! my mom has always been into the all-natural alternatives. Boswellia serrata is Indian frankincense which has been around for well thousands of years. We read a bit more about it on and Posted by Dr. Alex Mauskop—February 27th, 2013. We decided to order it and lo and behold it worked for her !! she is so happy we stumbled upon this awesome information!!! I hope others will stumble upon this as we did.  Indomethacin has such scary side effects
     Gastrointestinal Risk : NSAIDs cause an increased risk of serious gastrointestinal adverse events including bleeding, ulceration, and perforation of the stomach or intestines, which can be fatal. These events can occur at any time during use and without warning symptoms. Elderly patients are at greater risk for serious gastrointestinal events. (See WARNINGS.)
     Everything happens for a reason & I just had to share because I am so happy that my mom found something with little to no side effects that is safe & helps her HC and I hope others will also stumble upon this & get relief. Their ordering team was prompt; we received the bottle within 2 days & quick responses to our questions before placing the order.
     Thank you Dr. Eric Eross for the GliacinTM wonder!”


Expert Answer: Boswellia- A Potential Herbal Remedy


     “Dr. Eric Eross, a headache specialist from Arizona, reported that GliacinTM, a Boswellia extract relieved indomethacin-responsive headaches in 21 of 27 patients. Indomethacin is a very strong non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, but it also tends to have strong gastro-intestinal side effects. This makes Boswellia much preferred since it does not cause serious side effects, although it is important to know that any herbal product can cause an allergic reaction. Another caveat with all herbal products is that herbal products are poorly regulated and you may not always be getting Boswellia or not getting the amount that is stated on the label.  For this reason, I always recommend the brand name GliacinTM, exclusively manufactured by Glia Sciences, INC.


Hemicrania Continua Support Group


     “I just wanted to let you all know about something that has helped my HC tremendously. I've been taking a supplement called GliacinTM. It's a natural herbal supplement containing a highly specific and purified form of Boswellia serrata extract. I believe it was developed by a doctor who specializes in Indomethacin responsive headaches like HC. After taking it for about a month, my symptoms nearly disappeared. From time to time I feel it, but nothing that a few ibuprofen won't take care of. A couple of times I came off of it just to make sure I wasn't in remission or something, but the pain comes back within a week or two. The website is  It's worth a try. Just make sure to give it a month or more to start working. It has seriously changed my life.”


Is Boswellia the new Butterbur for Migraine and Cluster?


     “Actually, there are not a lot of studies related to headache conditions, but there have been some interesting reports, that Boswellia may relieve not only migraine but also cluster and indomethacin-responsive headache. One recent study reported improvements in cluster patients who took 350 to 700 mg three times a day. Another doctor tried 250 mg three times a day and up for patients with indomethacin-responsive headache syndrome.  The advantage over indomethacin and many other anti-inflammatory drugs is that GliacinTM doesn't have the strong gastro-intestinal side effects. Regarding the mechanism of Boswellia, Dr. Mauskop writes: ‘Unlike butterbur, Boswellia has no toxic ingredients and is safe to consume in any form.  The mechanism of action of Boswellia is not entirely clear, but it seems to have anti-inflammatory properties similar to aspirin.  Obviously, it does more than that since aspirin is usually ineffective for cluster or indomethacin-responsive headaches.’  Reading about those who have tried Boswellia, it does seem that there is a wide difference in the quality of supplements available. Be sure to find a brand name you trust and check for detailed information on the label.”  GliacinTM is the most extensively-used form used for headache sufferers and is recommended by many of the top headache specialists in the U.S. and Canada.

Migraine Matters


    I wanted it thank Glia Sciences whole heartedly. Within a week of starting GliacinTM I saw a night and day difference. I felt like a human being again. I had been doing the bare bone minimum I had to, to be an ok mom, wife and employee and after that I struggled. After a year and a half with horrible unmanageable headaches I was depressed and very frustrated with doctors. I had tried so many different kinds of medicine, often with adverse side effects. I tried the non-western medicine approaches also with very little relief.   Now, I am taking Gliacin and I do great!  I still get migraines, but they are easier to kick and they are down to about two a month. But best of all the stabbing headaches are under control. I have my life back. I feel comfortable driving. My relationships at work have improved, because I am more reliable. I feel like the mom I intended to be, with more patience and energy. I am starting to dress cute again, exercise, bake, take photos all the things I couldn't even fathom doing when I was in the world of constant pain. Above all my relationship with my husband has improved. I do know when I miss a dose because the stabbing headaches start up. GliacinTM, thank you for giving my life back!  I actually need to place an order for more so I can continue to feel great.”